Year of the Centennial JOAN VICENTE I CASTELLS (1921-2021)

This year we celebrated the centenary of the birth of Joan Vicente Castells, a pioneer in our city in scientific research, a founder of the Municipal Puig Castellar Museum (1974–1986) and our entity (1985).

On 16 April the exhibition "Joan Vicente Castells, the man of the wallet" will be inaugurated, in the Torre Balldovina Museum.

The exhibition will consist of several panels and materials, to make visitors aware of the importance of their work and research in the world of paleontology, but also in many other aspects of the city's science or social and cultural life.

Taking advantage of the event and the completion of the computerization work of our documentary fund, we have presented our entity to the ‘Grus Award for Sustainability through ICT’ co-organized by Mobile World Capital (


Many activities related to the event will be carried out during 2021.

You will have to forgive the lack of any more concretions, as the pandemic situation keeps us in a certain interim.

- February: Publication of the extraordinary newsletter "Centenary of the Birth of Joan Vicente Castells"

- March 7: Children's Workshop "Megalodon, a giant shark" (ECOMETROPOLI Environmental Education Center).

– April 16: inauguration of the exhibition "Joan Vicente Castells, the Man of the Wallet" at the Torre Balldovina Museum (it will be installed until the end of May).

- April-18: Children's Workshop "Ammonites, extinct genus" (ECO-METROPOLI environmental education center).

- Without specifying (May 19 and 21): Scientific conferences/debates "Paleontology and Climate Change" (Auditorium of the Torre Balldovina Museum).