Up to the present time the fund consists of 13,006 records, 12,031 of which are determined (genus and species), and 975 are unspecified or pending confirmation by specialists.

As regards location (a contrasted location), there are 12,616 samples with locality, municipality, country, ... and 390 mills that it has not been possible to guarantee their locality or site of origin.


Record: 06989 Potamogeton chrispus var. pliocenica

Much of the materials have their origin in the Iberian Peninsula, with about 90 percent coming from Catalonia.

In Europe (367), they are mostly from France (173) and Italy (95), followed by far from England (22). When in Africa (86) they come in much of Western Sahara (26), from Asia 39, from the United States of North America they are native 26 and South America 30.